I miss my childhood



i tweeted a couple of weeks ago the things I miss about my childhood and decided I was going to write about it.  But I kept procrastinating it and wasn’t really inspired to do any writing. Now I’m feeling good about myself and I’m done with postponing this. So here goes nothing

What I miss most about my childhood are the cartoons.  I wasn’t really privilege to have cable while growing up, so I relied on local stations as my plug for cartoons/anime. I used to rush back from school on Friday’s just so I couldn’t miss Zeta Project which used to air on Silverbird TV by 3:30pm.  Before Silverbird began to air on television,  I had NTA and Channels as my only source for cartoons.  Those who are familiar with these stations would understand what I am saying. Channels showed Samurai X,  Ghost busters and Godzilla. Which was shown during the week.




The weekends were for Matilda the movie as well as Batman and Robin,  Commandos and Toy Story.  I could watch those movies 10 times back then and still look forward to watching them for the 11th time because they were so good.

NTA showed Spider Man and His Amazing Friends as well as Voltron on the weekdays.




Galaxy came along and began to show anime’s like Wildcats, Donkey Kong, Max Steel, Transformers and Rugrats. But the station that a variety of cartoons and sitcoms was Silverbird TV.

The first time Silverbird came on Television, they showed cartoons from 12am till 12am everyday. There were a few sitcoms that were shown on Silverbird as well,  such as Family Matters,  My Wife and Kids,  Sparks, Sparks and Sparks, Malcolm In The Middle, Doctor Dougley and Raven. I could watch Super Man,  Spider Man,  Biker mice from Mars,  Justice league,  X-men evolution,  Anamaniacs, Pinky and The Brain,  Zeta project, Silver hawks, Batman of the future, Fantastic four, Hulk, Iron Man, Tom and Jerry,



All these cartoons/animes brought out my passion for art,  the more I watched them, the more I wanted to draw them and make characters of my own.  I was pretty good at it too till life happened.  These cartoons opened my imagination and  made me happy no matter what mood I was in before watching them.  Everytime I watched them I felt like creating something.  Whether it be a whole comic which I kept to myself or a drawing of my environment without stepping outside of my house.

Remembering my childhood this past week has made me realize my mistake in giving up art all together in other to chase a degree in a different course.  I plan to get back to drawing and painting which once brought me joy in my moment of pain.  I also plan on taking my music writing seriously as well as writing in general.

I would like to know about what you miss most about your childhood,  so please feel free to comment below,  thank you and God bless.

No Title

I like helping people, I feel like I was put here on earth to support, encourage and help people. It breaks my heart when I’m unable to help people especially those I know. But I rarely get the same energy from them, I don’t help people out because I want them to help me out in return. But sometimes I do need help and the people I would expect to help me out, wouldn’t do so.

It’s like all of a sudden everyone is busy and they get less busy when it’s time to ask for a favor. All they do is take, take and take from me without giving me anything at all. It gets tiring to be honest sometimes it feels like I’m pouring water into an empty basket.
But I’m blessed to have people like Adeola, Thonia, Dara and Lucia in my life. Who have been so supportive of me since I began to write and the weird part is I have never met them in person yet.

I’m also thankful to have people like Titi and Tomisin in my life, they have helped me a lot and I have only met them in person once.

No one can do everything on his/her own. We all need some sort of support and if you’re not ready to give me that then there’s no point in being friends with you.. If I’m not benefiting from you and you’re not benefiting from me then we are just wasting our time.


You have a beautiful soul that matches your beautiful face.

I bless the day I knew about your existence.

We connected well based on shared interests but it was your big heart that has made me to still stay connected.

You do so much for those you love and less for yourself.

I try to advice  you to love yourself  and I’m glad you have finally started doing that

You have been through so much but you try to hide it with your beautiful smile .

Saying you deserve the world sounds cliche but you deserve every good thing in this life and the life beyond.

Our friendship is pure and I have learnt so much from you even though we still haven’t met in person.

Never met any friend who took my problems as his/hers

You have cried with me and laughed with me.

You have given me the best pep talks and that has helped me a lot.

Only a few people know the real me and you’re definitely one of them.

With you I can’t pretend to be somebody I am not because you know me and know what I am capable of.

I don’t know how I would have gotten over certain situations emotionally if you weren’t in my life.


I guess what I am trying to say is that I love you my beautiful friend and I pray we never grow apart.

Songs that should definitely be on your playlist

While I’m still writing songs that might never see the light of day,  I would like to recommend two songs and  an Ep from those who conquered their fears a long time ago and have constantly made magic happen in the studio.




Santi,  Bridge and Nonso  Amadi linked up to for this tune which was produced by Genio Bambino. Love the little sample of Ikechukwu’s shobedobedoo in this song. The production of this song is perfect and I look forward to hearing more songs produced by Genio Bambino. Link to this song would be provided below.


Freaky: https://fanlink.to/SantiFreaky




Is your day really complete if you haven’t listened to this song  at least once?  Famous bobson links up with talented acts like Minz,  Santi and the talented producer/song writer Damayo for this Caribbean flavored tune which has been on repeat since I got it. . This is Famous Bobson first single under his Famous Music Imprint and I would be looking out for his next single for sure.  Link to this song would be provided below

Boti: https://m.soundcloud.com/famousbobson/famous-music-boti-feat-bobson-santi-damayo-minz




Now this Ep right here is an Ep that would not fade away on my playlist.  There are so many albums or Eps that have come out this year that I have only played once or twice.  But this one right here got my attention, I listened to the first song and decided to stop it till I was alone so I could really enjoy it.  The sound on this Ep is different, it’s fresh, it feels like it was made with love. There are 8 songs on this Ep and all 8 songs are unique and beautiful.  My favorite song on this Ep is Sisi Eko and shout out to Adeola for putting me on to this talented singer, song writer, producer and sound engineer Jinmi Abduls. I’m officially a fan. Link to this beautiful body of work would be provided below












































































The key to effective living

The key to being effective is having a change of mentality,  working on your basic character   as well as reading alot of books that encourage you to improve.  I have always been the kind of person to blame others for my problems and not take any responsibility  for it while the problem lingered with no quick solution.  But after reading Stephen R. Covey’s book “the 7 habits of highly effective people” I learnt about character and personality ethics.  Character ethic is seen as the foundation of success- things like integrity, humility, courage, justice, patience, fidelity, modesty and simplicity are part of character ethic.

Character ethic is basically the believe that there are basic principles of effective living,  and that people can only experience true success and enduring happiness as they learn and integrate these principles into their basic character (excerpts from The 7 habits of highly effective people).

Personality ethic on the the other hand is manipulative,  essentially it took two paths: one was human and public relations techniques,  and the other was positive mental attitude (PMA). It encourages people to use techniques to get other people to like them,  or fake interest in the hobbies of others  just to get what they wanted.

Most people rely on personality ethic which is a quick fix and a secondary trait.  it is only meant for short term success. You can pretend to be interested in the hobbies of other people  and pick up other easy techniques to charm your way through the hearts of people. But secondary traits have no permanent worth in long term relationships. When there is absence of integrity and other fundamental principles the challenges of life would wreck the relationship causing it to fail.

The best way to be effective is to choose character ethic and not character ethic just by lip service. but deciding to work on your basic character. that is the ingredient for true success and effective living. By working on your basic character you would realize that you have been giving power to other people who you have blamed for your problems.

Taking full responsibility for your problems makes you want to solve them before they begin to linger.  It also makes you a proactive person and not reactive. Being proactive isn’t all about making plans and carrying them out as well as doing things on time.  But realising that blaming people for your problems rather than solving them is a waste of time.

Reading this book has opened my eyes to several things I took for granted..  Now I’m “woke” lol

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Self love and positive thoughts

This past few weeks hasn’t been pleasant for me. I have been feeling uninspired, uninterested, lost and unbothered by things happening around me.  But I have decided to pick myself up,  to stop feeling sorry for myself as it doesn’t help anything at all. I have decided to love myself more as I am all I got right now.

I thought this year was going  to be great for me,  I had big plans and started working on them.  But it hasn’t really worked out like I thought it would and for a while now I have been moody.

I’m tired of  feeling this way and have decided to love myself more.  I’m blessed to have friends around me who have shown me nothing but love since the start of the year.  Those that have encouraged me not to give up even though things have been slow and it looks like nothing good is coming my way.

From now on I would think positive thoughts and find things to do that would make me happy like writing songs, drawing once again which I haven’t done in a long time now. As well as reading books and trying to take myself out anytime I get money.

I shouldn’t give up on life just because things are not working out the way I would have loved  it to be. I need to love myself  more so now than ever before and not give up just yet.  I believe this year won’t end without me having a victory story to tell and I need to be more positive even in the face of uncertainty.

I hope to write more often now than before. My next post would be tomorrow ✌

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I feel empty and I don’t know what to do

Jizzie's blog

images  It feels so good to be back; I had to take a long break to get myself back together after what I went through emotionally.  Let’s just say I was wrecked emotionally and I still haven’t fully recover from it.  But hey I created this blog to express myself   and express myself I shall.

I’m at a point in my life where I feel empty,  I used to have something or someone that gave me temporary happiness.  But I don’t have that thing or that person beside me anymore and it hurts because I really thought finally I would get into my happy place and everything would be fine.  The happy ever after fairytale I imagine was just as it says “a fairytale”.

Ps: don’t ever make anyone your only source of happiness, that person would disappoint  you.

I have not been happy  for weeks now,  I feel empty…

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